About Us

Who we are

We are an independent, award-winning digital publisher based in Napier, New Zealand. Pixelbook was founded in 2012.

What we do

Pixelbook build and sells unique and innovative EPUB ebooks.

We also help construct your ideas, words and art into a thoughful and ground-breaking software solution ready for the world.

Who are our clients?

Independent authors

We’re open to submissions for our 2014 release schedule. Pixelbook Ltd is looking for books in the non-fiction or children genres.

Other publishers

We can help construct a software back-end to your content. Ensuring it is streamlined, consistant and standardised.

Our fixed-layout EPUB ebooks are made using our own inhouse built software. This uses an XML datasheet to construct the book making it flexible and easily adaptable to your own business/project needs.

Can we help you with YOUR ebook?